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    Randall Smith

    Tucson Mortgage Rate Comparison

    30 Year Fixed Rate
    LenderPointsRateAPRP&I Payment
    Bancapital 13.49%3.571%$896.97
    Wells Fargo 13.625%3.789%$912.10
    Chase 13.5%3.581%912.10
    B of A 1.3753.5%3.694%$898.09
    15 Year Fixed Rate
    LenderPointsRateAPRP&I Payment
    Bancapital 12.75%2.894%$1357.24
    Wells Fargo12.75%3.039%$1357.24
    Chase 12.75%2.894%$1357.24
    B of A .753%3.254%$1381.16
    Rates last updated March 4, 2013

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